Why Embracing Your WORST Habits Is Key To Aligning With Reality

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I talk A LOT about connecting with true pain and pleasure - about how our connection to true pain and pleasure is how we connect to LIFE itself. Reality itself. How we find what is real and what is consensus.

In reality, most of us are SO disconnected from real reality, from REAL pain and pleasure - and are rather totally trapped in shame/guilt/consensus that we have to way of figuring out where the pain we are in is coming from (real reality or consensus reality) or figuring out what actually feels good.

We all WANT to be able to follow our feelings and know they are truth - but this separation we have is to thick and deep most of us THINK we are aligning with truth when we aren’t.

So how do we ACTUALLY decondition ourselves? How do we PRACTICALLY figure out the difference between true pain and pleasure and consensus reality if it all FEELS so real right now?

The answer? To FULLY embrace ALL of your ‘worst’ habits. To fully stop trying to fix, change, heal or remedy yourself. To fully get CURIOUS about what you are and what you are experiencing in this moment with NO JUDGEMENT.

Because THIS will lead you through the false reality of guilt and shame into the TRUTH of pain and pleasure. You will never have to ‘white knuckle’ your way into being ‘good’ or ‘spiritual’ ever again if you learn how to love yourself deep enough to fully own what you are in this moment so that it can be nourished and grown.

Today, I want to share with you a phase of this learning journey that I think not enough ‘spiritual’ teachers talk about. The phase where we have to throw EVERYTHING OUT - where we have to drop all the rules and disciplines in order to embrace whatever we ARE RIGHT NOW. The phase of accepting that we may just be horrible and destructive and never finding truth - and seeing where that takes us.

In order to find reality, you are going to have to go through the destructive chaos phase. I want to talk about how and why today, so you can be brave enough to walk the path yourself.



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