Why Forgiving Yourself Is Hard, And Also The Most Important Thing Ever R.T.F.L.W.E. 30

By September 13, 2017Videos

Hi Lovely!

Let’s talk self forgiveness today.

At this point, you have most likely heard SO many teachings on forgiveness - why forgiveness is important, why forgiving people is such a great spiritual thing to do and so on, that this idea is nothing at all new to you.

There is a good chance that no matter what spiritual or self help world you resonate with, that there is some teaching on forgiveness weaved into the doctrine.

And truly, this idea of forgiving does seem to make sense and is most likely in general something you believe is a good thing to do.

You may be able to wrap your mind around being in a state of forgiveness with those who have hurt you, although this make take some time and effort, there is most likely a part of you that really KNOWS it is where you want to be.

But what about when it comes to forgiving YOURSELF?

What about all those times YOU hurt people? All those times you betrayed yourself? All those times you felt like you knew better, but didn’t DO better?

What about all the pain you have caused? The mistakes you made? The avoidable errors that cost you time, money, pride and happiness?

How do you forgive yourself for all of that?

If you find that forgiving yourself is one of the hardest things for you to do - know that there is actually a really good REASON you are hanging onto beating yourself up.

It is not so much that what you did was that deplorable, or that you are somehow worse than others.

It’s just that there is something in you that believes that forgiving yourself is going to lead you to a much worse fate than the one you are suffering having not forgiven yourself.

Today I want to talk about WHY we hold onto not forgiving ourselves more than we hold onto resentment of others. I want to explore the secret psychology behind beating yourself up, and I want to journey into what you can do to become more comfortable with letting yourself off the hook.

You can forgive yourself for anything. You just need to understand first what you are getting out of not forgiving yourself.