Why Harmful Things Feel Good And Helpful Things Feel Bad

By February 23, 2018Videos

Hi Beauty

Have you ever struggled with the whole ‘follow your bliss’ idea, because what brings you bliss in the moment seems to cause pain in the future and vice versa?

Feeling like it makes total sense that you should feel good when you do things that are good for you, and that you should feel bad when you do things that are bad for you - but then in actual life you notice that you feel good doing things that ultimately harm you, and that you feel bad doing things you intellectually can understand are good for you?

Have you ever felt like after all your ‘self work’ and personal growth you still resist the things that are most likely there to help you, reaching for things that feel good in this moment that only make you feel worse later?

Have you ever felt like you are on a loop in your life - trying a million different things to fix the issues, problems, dramas, health worries and relationship sticking points that are mainstays in your life - always thinking you have found ‘the answer’ - only to realize what you were doing was simply a different version of what you have always done?

Have you ever felt confused about if true health, healing and happiness is even possible - because you genuinely feel like you have tried everything and nothing has worked?

That maybe all your problems are just in your mind? That if you simply meditated enough or thought differently everything would change?

If so, today’s video is for you. We are going to explore why harmful things feel good, why helpful things feel bad, why we can be so confident we are on the ‘right track’ when really we are just doing the same self destructive things over and over in new ways - and how to change the cycle.

This is deep work, but you are ready.