Why Healing/Integration Work Is GOING To Make Your Life WORSE Before It Makes It Better:

Hello Love!
We all expect that when we embark on a healing or integration path - when we start meditating, changing our ways of eating, changing our movement practices, get into therapy or otherwise start to address the PAIN we are dealing with in our lives - the physical ailments, coping mechanisms, addictions, patterns of self sabotage and so on - that we SHOULD start feeling BETTER.
Yet for MOST of us MOST of the time, we are going to go through a period - possibly a very LONG period - where we actually feel WORSE.
Where the practices and things we take on to increase our self awareness, our self connection, our physical health and our emotional intelligence work to totally OVERWHELM our systems, leaving us FEELING all this STUFF we weren't before, without having any true ANSWERS for where to go or what to do.
This is normal. Today I want to help you see how this 'messy middle' part of healing that essentially NO one talks about, is actually the most IMPORTANT part of the journey. I want to talk about why doing this work is going to make you feel worse rather than better, why it's going to trigger those around you into attacking/rejecting/abandoning you, why healing is about SO MUCH MORE than just figuring out how to fix your 'flaws' and how to navigate this messy middle with compassion and love for yourself.