Why I Was ADDICTED To Approval

Hello Friends.

I have been addicted to external approval for most of my life.

Maybe you can relate?

I really thought I wanted to be thinner, more successful in my career, better at helping people, more selfless, more impactful - and ALL of this was rooted in a deep unawareness of myself.

For a very, very long time, I had NO idea what I wanted or needed.

I had no idea where my pain was coming from, or how to make it go away.

I thought that ‘becoming’ more spiritual, helpful, successful, beautiful, selfless and ‘authentic’ would make me happy. Would make my pain go away. Would take the gnawing sense that I was ‘failing at life’ go away for good.

The truth was, and still is, I never actually wanted approval. I never wanted to be ‘good enough’ in any of the above areas. I never needed any of this to feel good - and no matter how much I achieved within being ‘good enough’ it was ever enough to satisfy me.

Now I know why.

I am starting to discover my real needs, and am unlocking why I was so deeply addicted to approval.

I hope my story helps you.