Why It’s So Hard To Discover Your TRUE Self/Let Go Of Consensus Reality

Hello Beaut.

Here’s the deal.

I talk a LOT on this channel about letting go of our programming. Releasing ourselves from the trauma of our conditioning. Discovering our TRUE selves, our true essence, and learning how to step INTO the fullness of what we are meant to be.

I firmly believe that it’s through the act of connecting with our authentic selves that we then have access to REALITY at large. That it’s through releasing the false stories we have been told about our own nature that then unlocks our capacity to FEEL and through that FEELING we can then find TRUTH itself.

There is freedom in self expression. True joy. True liberation. So with this we all expect that this journey of self discovery should feel amazing. Fun. Light. Exciting. Freeing us from all our depression and anxiety and confusion.

Not so fast.

The reality is, this journey is NOT easy. It’s not straight forward. And in many ways - it’s not even going to feel GOOD or LIBERATING or FUN to be in a path of true self discovery.

It’s actually going to feel like death. Sometimes it’s going to feel WORSE than living in alignment with conditioning and consensus.

Connecting with TRUE PAIN AND PLEASURE is HARD. Very hard. Getting out of consensus is nearly impossible due to how our nervous systems are wired. This journey is not at all for the faint of heart.

There’s a reason for that. That’s what I’m going to explore today. Let’s dive deep so you can understand the waters you’re swimming in, the journey you’re taking, and what to actually expect so you don’t get sidelined.



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