Why Judgement Is Your Friend

By February 9, 2018Videos

Hello Friend!

We have talked a LOT on this channel about judgement and 'Why Judgement Is The Worst Problem Solver Ever.’

We have talked at length about why we need to start moving past judgement so as to see the information we are most likely rejecting with our judgement.

Today, I want to help you take this concept deeper.

I want to give you the tools you need to help you figure out what your judgement is saying to you, so that you can actually learn from what you are being presented with.

Here’s the deal. Your judgement isn’t wrong. It’s just disempowered and coming out in a way that does not lead to effective problem solving for you.

Your judgement will stick around so long as you are not getting the message it is attempting to share with you. You can’t get rid of judgement, but you CAN move from judgement to discernment, to empowerment, to empowered action and in THAT your judgement will become the light it has always been.

There is a purpose behind your judgement. You are ready to see it now.