Why Most Of ‘Spirituality’ Isn’t Really Spiritual

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Here’s the deal.

What we currently call ‘spirituality’ is usually, actually, one of two things.

  1. It’s a general statement/observation of natural law. Oneness, karma, cause and effect - these aren’t ‘spiritual’ concepts - theses are basic facts about the natural eco system we live in and are a part of. When we live our lives as though these laws are true, we foster our own growth. When we don’t, we harm ourselves. That is science not spirituality.
  2. It’s a general misunderstanding of human TRAUMA - it’s a teaching or practice that involves ‘fighting’ to ‘get rid of’ what we think is causing our pain - ‘ego’, ‘the mind’, ‘unconsciousness’ - creating some sort of enemy to defeat that will eventually lead us to having that blissful happily ever after. This is no different from warring with a neighboring tribe over the fish in the ocean. We call one spirituality and one barbaric when really they are just the same thing.

If we want true ‘spirituality’ - we need to step into our natural rest and digest states.

Which is nearly impossible in this world that is constantly conflicting with our capacity to grow and survive.

The reason we have no spirituality is because we are caught in a matrix that has nothing to do with how we function.

If you want true spirituality, you must make yourself self - and that is the task of ‘waking up.’ THEN you may have a glimpse of something so much greater than observation of the natural world.



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