Why Negative Thoughts and Emotions Are Not CAUSING Your Negative/Painful Experiences

Hi Friend!

Today I hope to clear up the confusion around negative thoughts, negative emotions and your ‘vibration.’

If you are feeling afraid to think and feel what you are thinking and feeling, because you are scared that anything negative that comes into your inner world is going to cause you to attract or manifest negative things in your outer world - I hope to bring some peace to you today.

If you are struggling with the idea that to really dive into your negative emotions, to address your ’shadow’ or to in any way be with painful thoughts or feelings is going to cause your reality to spin out of control - I have some news for you today that will hopefully set you free.

There is no reason to fear your negative thoughts and emotions.

The idea that negative thoughts and feelings ‘cause’ ‘bad’ or painful things to happen to us a dramatic and confusing oversimplification of the process of life.

The role your thoughts and feelings play in your ‘manifestation’ of life is more complicated, but once understood you will find far less of a reason to be afraid.

You need to feel and think what you are thinking and feeling. You have a reason for thinking and feeling what you do - and processing through those thoughts and feelings is going to be what helps you create the life you want to live. Understanding WHY you think and feel what you do is key - and it is only thought embracing the thoughts and feelings that you will ever fully understand the why.

Let’s dive in.