Why Not All Teachings Are True, And Not All True Teachings Are For You

By March 31, 2017Videos

There are a shit tone of spiritual teachings out there.

There are as many different ‘paths’ to peace/happiness/enlightenment as there are people it would seem, and due to the fact that information is so easily shared now a days, you have access to all kinds of theories and teachings at the touch of a button.

If you are someone who considers yourself a spiritual seeker, you may be in a place where you are feeling saturated with information, with teachings that sound and feel true - but that you cannot get yourself to actually LIVE.

You may feel lost and confused about contradictory teachings - things that sound true that contradict other teachings that also sound true.

You may feel like you are failing at your spiritual awakening path, because you are not able to walk out all of the teachings and truths that you have heard.

In essence, you are most likely feeling discombobulated, confused, saturated with information, and lost on why you can’t apply all of it to your life.

Today let's talk nitty gritty about all the ‘truths’ out there, and how you can sort out the true from the false, as well as what is pertinent for you right now, and what is not.

So you can just be on your perfect path, without all the background noise.