Why Nourishing Who You Are NOW Is The KEY To All “Becoming”

Hello Friend.
Trying to become your 'higher self?'
To heal your body?
To become a more productive, inspired, 'good', mature, lovable, wise, intelligent version of yourself?
Are you working to fix your 'weaknesses?' To get rid of your tendency to procrastinate? Your 'bad habits?' Your lack of ability to form healthy relationships? To fix your poor management of money? To stop being addicted? To stop your coping and self sabotage?

Have you been attempting to 'get your life together' by trying to get yourself to BE something that you aren't? Something you're trying to turn into? By trying to STOP being something that you are right now?

If so, today's video is for you.

I want to show you how the innocent attempt to 'change yourself' is actually stopping your capacity to grow into what you're trying to grow into. I want to show you why taking care of who you ARE in this moment - with all of your pain, flaws, 'problems' and weaknesses - is actually the FASTEST way to support yourself into becoming the more mature, wise and capable version of yourself. How learning to meet the needs you have right here, right now, will serve to help you feel BETTER in this life, little by little. So that over time you can find that joy you're looking for in all your attempts at self fixing.