Why Processing Always Takes Longer Than We Think It Will

Hi Friend!
Working through our anger, sadness and hopelessness is always going to be a two steps forward, one step 'back' journey.
Getting to the place where we can understand WHY what we went through hurt, where our power is and what we can do differently now to support ourselves is always going to be a slower process than we want it to be.
Processing our past traumas is always going to involve traveling up, down, up, down and up and down again through the emotional states drawn out on the Vibrational Scale (that we find in the book Power Vs. Force)
Truly getting to a place where we have INTEGRATED our traumas, where we have learned what there was to learn from our experiences so that we can walk forward in a NEW pattern that allows us to have freedom from our past conditioning is going to require LAYERS of processing - again riding that emotional/vibrational scale up and down multiple times.
Today I want to talk about the TRUTH of the vibrational scale and how we can use it as a MAP for processing - rather than looking at it as a 'grading system' by which we judge how 'good' or 'spiritual' we are. I want to talk about why true processing is a CYCLICAL endeavor, not something we get 'done' in one go, and why allowing ourselves to melt into these layers of our experience is the FASTEST way to get to where we want to be - at peace.
Let's explore together why relaxing, not pushing, and allowing for the repetitive waves of processing to be what they are is actually the most direct route to 'liberation.'