Why Self Love Does NOT Equal Stagnation

By March 24, 2017Videos

Hi Beautiful.

Self love. How we love to talk about it. How we love to read about it. How we love to struggle with it.

For most, the idea of self love sounds all good and wonderful at first glance - who wouldn’t want to have peace within themselves and feel that they are good enough? Who wouldn’t want to feel good in their own presence? Who wouldn’t want all the benefits that come with being in a place acceptance?

That being said, as soon as you start to delve into the self love work, it may sound to you like you are being asked to love things that you ‘know’ are bad and wrong - which right away sounds totally wrong to you.

It sounds like you are being asked to love the parts of you that you have been working so hard to change, because those things are causing problems in your life. They are destructive. They are uncomfortable. To love them, sounds like a resignation to them. And this seems totally awful and disempowering.

These ‘things’ will be internal and external in nature - your body, your personality, your habits, your job, your relationships.

You may think that to commit to a path of self love, is to commit yourself to being who and what you are right now - and just being ok with that. Which you are not. And don’t want to be.

You are not and don’t want to because this contradicts your desire for a better life.

So you end up always returning to self improvement, because at least with self improvement there is some promise of change to these shitty circumstances somewhere off in the future.

Today I want to share with you why this idea is totally and completely backwards - and why learning to love the one you are now - with all your circumstances - is the ONLY way to create a better future.

I want to explain the paradox of self love creating change, so that you can understand why loving yourself is the ONLY way to get to that ideal life you so much want.

Your feelings are the key, let me show you why.