Why Self Love Is The Most DIRECT Route To INTEGRATED Enlightenment

Hi Love!

Enlightenment - the state of REALIZING your ONENESS with all things. This is the most classical ‘definition’ of awakening - and it is what we are all searching for in this life.

That feeling of unending CONNECTION. The feeling that we can’t be lost, alone, isolated, unloved, unsafe - through KNOWING that we are inherently one with all things.

This search is what drives us in all ways. It is what motivates essentials all our conscious and unconscious behaviors.

Now, on the path towards ‘seeking enlightenment’ - most believe they must ‘get rid of their ego.’ Their sense of ‘self’ that is the REASON they feel disconnected from everything else. They feel they must die to the self, get rid of all selfish desires (or all desire period) must get rid of any association with self - so as to realize they are one with all things.

And this is a loop that never ends. This very quest to ‘kill’ the self is one of the most potent and powerful tricks of the separate self that will keep you in separation consciousness forever. Even if you have an awakening experience through this path - you will inevitably ‘fall back’ into self identification - feel like you ‘lost’ your awakening and will then start all over.

Today, I want to explain to you WHY self love is the FASTEST and most SUSTAINABLE path towards and INTEGRATED awakening experience. One where you know your oneness that does not then EXCLUDE your individual self. Because again, in order for your awakening to be complete (as far as that’s possible in this reality) it MUST INCLUDE all things - including your separate self! I’m going to explain to you why self identification is not the problem, and therefore why non-self identification isn’t the solution - that’s just the flip side of the duality coin. Why you are never going to get rid of selfish desire, but rather find desire that serves the WHOLE through identification with the WHOLE as a SELF - and why learning to love YOUR SHADOW is the way to identification with God.

I want to explore why shame and guilt are a trap and why truly becoming you ‘higher self’ means connecting with yourself MORE not less.

This is the path to inner peace. That then generates a more benevolent ‘you’ that doesn’t have to follow any rules or programs - because you are EXISTING in TRUE AWARENESS.

Buckle up. This is going to be a deep one.