Why Shame And Guilt Are ALWAYS Lies:

Hi Beauty!

Shame and Guilt are ALWAYS rooted in trauma - never in actual truth of reality.

In other words, ALL shame and ALL guilt are stories we are telling ourselves about who we are and about what reality is that are not based in truth. They are lies. They are fantasies. They are incorrect every.single.time.

There is no legitimate shame or guilt.

I know. Big statements.

I know that most of us have deep, sometimes even unconscious levels of shame and guilt around who and what we are - we all have those aspects of self, those behaviors, those thought and feelings we feel we have to hide or ignore - because we feel deep down inside, or have been told, that these things make us terrible people.

We all have things we think we HAVE to change about ourselves before we feel safe to love who we are.

We also have a collective belief that if we had NO shame and NO guilt, that we would all fall into our WORST nature - becoming lazy, corrupt, hostile, sociopathic monsters who do nothing but hurt and harm.

Today I want to share with you why I feel that in truth, all shame and guilt are lies we tell ourselves, and that being a ‘good person’ - knowing what is ‘right and wrong’ not only doesn’t require shame or guilt, in fact, shame and guilt PREVENT us from ever discovering the TRUTH about what is actually ‘good and bad’ for ourselves.

Shame and guilt are paradigms we built in childhood to survive a world we didn’t understand that was hostile to our growth. Plain and simple. Today let’s explore WHY shame and guilt are ALWAYS stories we are telling ourselves, and what we can do instead so we can actually LEARN and GROW in real reality.

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