Why So Few People Ever Become Powerful Creators Part Eight

By January 5, 2018Videos

Hey Beaut!

Before you watch this! Go back and watch Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six and Part Seven of this series.

Now that you have taken in SO much information about what it means to be creative, what it means to live a creative life and what creative living really means you are most likely all pumped up to start DOING it!

Perhaps you are now feeling like there are seemingly SO MANY benefits to living a creative life - why isn’t the whole world doing it?

Why haven’t you been doing it?

Why can’t you think of any people in your life who are living this awesome, creative life?

What’s the catch? If this creative living is so amazing, why the heck aren’t you already doing it? Why haven’t you been told this way of life was possible? Why aren’t there more people doing it?

Today we are going to explore all the reasons why pretty much no one ever gets to a place where they are living their creative potential.

Why they get tripped up, trapped and cornered back into living a ‘normal’ life.

We are going to explore the true and real fears and risks that must be faced when attempting to live a life that mirrors your creative potential.

The creative life is SO worth it, but it is also not so easy.

The more you look at all the things that could stand in your way to living your destiny, the more empowered you will be to move through those blocks.

Knowledge is power my friends.



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