Why “Sovereignty In The Wellness World’ Isn’t Spiritual AT ALL

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Today I want to explore the dangerous direction that the health and wellness industry is heading in.

Right now we are seeing a DRAMATIC swing in the direction of health and wellness being VERY individualistic. 

Meaning people are claiming that we can cure ourselves of ANY disease if we just take enough ‘personal’ responsibility for our lives. 

If we just eat the right diet. Do the right spiritual practices. Take the right supplements. That we can transcend our depression and anxiety. That if we have any heal issues, if we rely on medicine, if we want government intervention in healthcare, if we aren’t able to ‘heal’ ourselves and become productive members of society what we are weak, lazy, un-woke and so on.  

This same narrative exists in the worlds of business and wealth generation as well - the idea that EVERYONE can be successful in this world, that some of us are ‘self made’ success stories and if they can do it, all can, so if you aren’t - you are again just lazy or not trying hard enough.

We are looking at government and medicine as oppressive structures that need to be done away with - as though anarchy is something we have access to right now. We are looking to societies that are VERY different from ours for guidance on how to live - not understanding the context they are in and how VASTLY different their lives are from ours.

If we really want sovereignty, liberation for all, freedom from oppressive structures - we are going to have to take a really sober look at what that will require, and also what got us to where we are today where many of us CAN be 'sovereign' - and how this means that we are standing on shoulders that came before us without recognizing we are doing it.

Today we need to talk about why this rhetoric is simply deeply FALSE in real reality, as well as why it is so HARMFUL and how we can evolve ourselves to not fall into, so we can be TRULY helpful to ourselves and others.

None of us are sovereign. It’s good that we are evolving past the idea that we are fully dependent upon some authority for health or success - but we can’t go as far as we’re going right now if we want to find true health as a SOCIETY.




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  • Mary Anne Hoffman says:

    Dear Ali, I think like this, too. I am grateful for what I have. We need to keep helping others as much as we can. Taking time to rest and care for ourselves so we can. There is so much about the world systems that harm people. If we are in a place to lift other people up by our generous actions of time, thoughts, and money….or not needing money for our involvement let’s do this. Can we add beauty to the earth by working in community gardens and keeping our own gardens beautiful. Can we live at peace with our own families and neighbors? Can we join even one organizational entity that resonates with our interests in our communities. Can we help children, young families, the elderly? Maybe we can’t do any of these things. We can think thoughts of love, of peace, of kindness and send those messages to ourselves and others we meet, and the world. Our time is short here, we all need help of some kind, or will…let’s seen what we can do💗.

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