Why Stepping Into BOTH/AND Thinking Is SO Powerful And Important

Our world right now operates SO much in the 'black and white'.

So much of what we hear on the news, what we see on social media, what we are expected to believe and participate in in our spirituality and self help all centres around 'choosing a side' and sticking with it.

Are you someone who believes there are systemic issues in society that mean we have no freedom of choice? Or do you think that we are the creators of our own reality and thus must take full responsibility for everything?

Are you a leftie or a righty?

Are you doing 'shadow work' or are you all about 'love and light?'

Do you see it THIS way OR THAT way?

Our culture is all about trying to find simple answers, easy steps, one stop solutions and it's all about looking for how we can make everything as straight-forward as possible - and this often times leads to us having LESS power and LESS awareness than we need to make good lives for ourselves AND it leads to a LOT of conflict.

As we strive to make reality simple, we often make things FAR more complicated than they need to be - because as we try to deny parts of reality in order to make simpler world views 'make sense' we only disempower ourselves.

Today I want to talk about the importance of developing a both/and way of looking at the world, and why learning to see the world in shades of grey is actually the BEST way to make life as comfortable as it can be.

Let's explore why embracing the complexity of our reality is actually going to make life EASIER and how we can do that without overwhelming ourselves.


Getting off of the self improvement path and onto the self love path is hard.

Because everywhere we look in society, we are TRAINED to be in a perpetual state of self improvement.

We're trained to be in a perpetual state of feeling like we aren't enough, like our pain is a reflection of something being 'wrong' with us, like if we are failing to live up to the expectations of those around us that this means that we are flawed, broken and messed up and we're trained to CONSTANTLY feel like we are lacking something - because this is what keeps our society functioning how it functions.

Learning to understand WHY we have the habits we have, why we self sabotage, scapegoat and numb, why we can't seem to 'get it together' in our relationships, health and careers, why we have emotions, why our thoughts don't seem to help us move forward and why we struggle so much to be nice to ourselves is a MASSIVE key to building a life that actually works for us.

Learning where we don't need fixing, healing or changing, but rather where we need SUPPORT, self awareness and tools to help us EXPRESS and GROW is even harder work.

This is why I created the Aliyah Mystery School.

The School is your one stop shop for exactly how to:

Be your own safe place - and why that matters

Learn how your body speaks so you can better support it

Learn how your emotions speak so you can use them as guidance

Learn how to problem solve so you don't feel like every challenge means that you're stuck or that you need someone to come tell you want to do

Determine for yourself what is and isn't working in your life - and how to change even when that means upsetting others or being different

Support yourself through feeling the pain of your past so that you can integrate and move forward

So much more!

This school contains all the tools you need to really get to KNOW yourself, so that you can figure out what you need to feel your best in any given time - step by step, in a methodical way.

If you resonate with the content around here, but you want something more organized, a clear map for how to get on the self love path and how it will change your life - this school is for you.

Below you can find a video showing you EXACTLY what's in the school and how it will support you on your quest to build a life that feels amazing for you

Check it out, and let me know what you think when you do!