Why The ‘Love And Light” People Are Not Totally Wrong, And Shadow Work Leaders Are Not Totally Right

By August 25, 2017Videos

Hi Love Bug!

Today let’s talk Love-and-light-all-the-time/spiritual bypassing VS shadow work.

Now, you all know I am a HUGE fan of Shadow Work.

Meaning I am all about going to the dark, scary, hidden places of yourself and really taking a good look around. I am all about exploring negative emotions. I am all about accepting wounded and rejected aspects of self. I am a major fan of loving all the parts of you that you have been taught to hate.

I also totally understand the distaste that many have in their mouths for those who could be considered ‘spiritual bypassers’

Those who act like they are in a state of love and light all the time even when you can tell they are repressing how they really feel.

Those who preach the “Law Of Attraction” like it is some sort of cosmic game where if you think a negative thought or let yourself wallow in a negative emotion that THIS is the cause of all your pain and suffering.

It can really feel like these shadow workers and the ‘love and light’ all the time people are at total odds with one another. Like there is no common ground there.

Meaning one of them HAS to be right, and one of them HAS to be wrong - right?

Today, I want to explore something that I hope will help you to see the value in BOTH of these perspectives and modalities, and to help you see that they are actually way more similar than you may first think.

Let’s end the war between shadow work and love and light, find the common ground, get the juice from both schools and unify them for ultimate service.