Why TRUSE Self Inquiry = Compassion = Transformation.

Hello Friends!

If your self inquiry is leading you to shame, guilt, regret and deeper levels of self hate and frustration - I have news for you.

This isn’t self inquiry. And it’s not leading you towards enlightenment, becoming your higher self, a better way of being or freedom on any level.

In fact, this shame, guilt and regret is keeping you trapped in trauma, causing you to HAVE to remain stuck as you are - or moving deeper into any self destruction/chaos you have going in your life.

I want to share with you the deep and profound truths I’ve learned about what TRUE self inquiry looks like.

I want to share my journey with the shame and guilt I experienced on my journey of healing - and how I came to realize that ALL shame and ALL guilt are actually traps of the mind.

I want to share with you WHY if your self inquiry work is leading you to shame and guilt, then you aren’t seeng truth - and what it will look like when you ARE seeing truth.

When we are TRULY ‘doing the work’ what we see is ALWAYS going to be that we were working from innocence. WE were never wrong, bad or terrible - only hurting and ignorant. We will also see that the ONLY path forward is a path of love if we understand how our nervous systems work.

Let’s take a look at what true self inquiry looks like, what it leads to, and how i can help us transform.

In todays video I am going to share with you WHY the path of self inquiry should ALWAYS be leading you to seeing your goodness and innocence.