Why Waking Up Is Going To Make You Feel Crazy

By September 1, 2017Videos

This whole ‘awakening’ business is no small thing.

In fact, it is actually quite a big deal.

Now, in our current culture we are more ‘connected’ to one another than ever before in human history. We can literally watch as someone live streams their cat playing with a ball of yarn in China from a living room in Peru.

That being said, there is something that humanity has lost over the decades that may be making ‘waking up’ a little more challenging for some.

What we have lost is those wise teachers who have been through the process, who are able to give us clues and sign posts for what to expect along this awakening path.

We have lost the ability to check in with people who have walked this road before, who can let us know that what we are experiencing is normal - which can really help us to ride the wave in a much more calm and collected way.

So today, I want to offer something that I have experienced, and many others who are on this path have experienced, that I feel like almost NO ONE talks about.

Which is the idea of feeling like a total nut job who has lost track of reality while you are going through your process of opening.

Let’s talk about WHY you often feel like a crazy person - while at the same time having a really deep knowing that you are totally on the right track. Let’s talk about the shift that is taking place in you, and how to walk through it without having to go through the scary- ‘I shaved my eyebrows off and now I am selling voodoo dolls made for collected kitten hair on Etsy’ phase.

Unless you really feel like going through that phase. In which case all the power to you 😉