Why We Are Addicted To Solutions That Aren’t Solutions

Hello Beautiful!
Here's the truth.
ALL of the world's major problems - climate change, political unrest, inequality, health decline and so on - are COMPLEX problems.
Meaning they are problems that DON'T have a simple or straightforward solution.
In our individual lives, our repetitive issues - health issues, relationship issues, financial issues, access issues, coping mechanisms, addictions and so on are also COMPLEX. Meaning THEY don't have straightforward solutions either.
A huge issue humanity is facing right now, is our continued insistence that there be simple solutions to our complex problems.
In this, we resist steps. We resist imperfect solutions that move us CLOSER to where we want to go. We stand still and fight progress because it's not 'perfect' - and thus we see it as EVIL. Stupid.
We stop ourselves from taking steps in our personal lives towards BETTER because we are waiting for the ONE THING that's going to take us from where we are to where we want to be. We refuse to take the journey and thus never get anywhere. Today I want to explore why, if we REALLY want to see progress in the world at large or in our own lives, we MUST embrace the idea that complexity is reality. There there are no simple solutions to the problems we face - not in our individual lives or the world at large - and we have to start looking for PROGRESS and learning from that progress - vs. looking for perfection.
This is a BIG jump into adulthood. I feel you're ready for it.