Why We Have To Understand Trauma THEN WE Can Heal – We Don’t Have To Get Stuck Forever

Hi Beauty:

Do you ever fear acknowledging the pain/trauma you may be in - looking under the proverbial bed, so to speak - fearing that if you bring to light that which may be lurking in the shadows of your being, that you will then be STUCK in your stuff forever?

Do you have the feeling that those who are doing their ‘shadow work’, those who are ‘healing’ those who are in the spiritual and self help worlds seem to ALWAYS have something they are ‘working on’, ‘processing through’ or otherwise struggling with? And this makes you feel like even getting started on the path just isn’t worth it, because who wants to be HEALING all the time?

Do you ever think that you could/can just ‘get over’ your childhood/young adult traumas? Do you acknowledge that sure, tough things happened, you were hurt and you now have some habits and ways of being that aren’t the greatest - but you got this. You can just stop. Be more disciplined. Change yourself and be better - look ahead to who you want to be, no need to ruminate on the past?

If so, I hear you.

Today I want to share with you why I feel, in my personal experience, that acknowledging what happened to us and how it affected us is KEY to transformation, why we can’t just ‘get over trauma’, and why we don’t have to be ‘healing’ forever - if we understand the process and what is required.

Let’s do a deep dive today, and see if we can clear the air on this. You don’t have to be healing forever, but you do have to let yourself go through a process.


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