Why We Learn To STOP REACTING To Triggers

Hello Beauty;

In our emotional processing work, we are working to discover the true meaning behind our emotional messages, so that they can help us discover the lives we are meant to live.

But this process is not so easy.

Because many of us have had traumatic experiences that have shaped our perceptions, that are then feeding back into our emotional responses to life in a way that convince us that we are under attack, that what we are doing is necessary, that we are seeing reality for how it is and simply being triggered for no reason OR that our reaction is TOTALLY JUSTIFIED. We have perceptions from our childhood experiences we are now projecting onto our current reality that are causing us to think and feel certain ways that aren’t actual in alignment with how reality is ACTUALLY unfolding.

When the reality is - we have 3 different realities going on. The actual reality we are in, the reality your mind thinks is happening, and the reality your body thinks is happening.

And even when we DO understand our MENTAL patterns - the false perception we have and how they are triggering our behaviour - we STILL need to learn to SIT THROUGH our triggers without reacting - because this is how we retrain our BODIES into real reality.

Learning to sit through a trigger is not about NO ACTION. It’s about PAUSING so we can get MORE INFORMATION and act from a more aligned and aware place, rather than from a habitual/pain place.

Let’s dive deep today into the purpose behind learning to sit with a trigger without reacting so we can understand the purpose of the practice and how it fits into the larger umbrella of emotional mastery and getting the messages from emotions.



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