WHY We Must Find The THIRD WAY Right Now If We Want A New World:

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There are SO MANY theories floating around about our current situation. So many opposing views. Mask or no mask? Real threat or government conspiracy? Freedoms being taken away or actually being protected? We have protests and social justice issues brimming to the surface in ways we’ve never seen before. We have so much coming at us all at once.

With all of this - you may feel either totally baffled as to what the truth is, or you may feel like you’ve got the truth all figured out - and now you just want to convince everyone of what you know so as to avoid an apocalyptic outcome to all of this.

Either way, no matter where you fall on the spectrum I’ve got some words of support and love for you today. I want to help you navigate where to set your focus, WHY doing your inner work right now is the KEY to true activism and being the change, why this is not about being passive but being totally present to what is actually pertinent right now and how you can own the power you have instead of living in a reality where you have none.

The world we want to step into is going to require action and change. But that change starts from within and it starts with developing a new foundational vantage point from which you are moving.

What do we do with all of this? Only YOU can know that for YOURSELF - but I can help you figure out how to figure that out.



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