Why You Can’t Do Self Love ‘Wrong’  | R.T.F.L.W.E.49

By February 28, 2018Videos

Hello Love!

The Self Improvement Path teaches you that you are fundamentally broken, and that you must be fixed.

The Self Love path says that you are whole and perfect, simply on a journey of self discovery.

Clearly, the Self Love path sounds so much nicer.

But let’s be honest - for most of us the Self Improvement path slogan feels more true. It sounds more true at least.

Then, when you look at the evidence in your life - it really LOOKS like the Self Improvement slogan is more true.

Because you still feel like a mess sometimes. You still feel negative emotions. You try all your self love practices and they don’t make the negative emotions go away. You have days, weeks and months where all you do is beat yourself up - where you completely forget about this whole self love path.

You still feel terrible, sometimes worse than you did before and you are failing at your practices.

So it is reasonable to assume that you MUST be doing it wrong. You must be missing something about this whole Self Love thing. Shouldn’t it be making your life better? Shouldn’t it be making you FEEL better? Shouldn’t it be making you LIKE yourself and have more positive emotions??

Today let’s explore why there is no such thing as doing the Self Love path wrong, why being on this path does not mean you are going to feel like you are on cloud nine all the time and why being on this path may not make your negative emotions feel better right away.

You’re not missing anything, I promise. This is just a journey.