Why You Need Emotional Mastery Part Four Point Two: No, This Is Not About Denying Your Emotions

By November 23, 2016Videos

I know what you are thinking with this whole emotional mastery business.

That I am telling you to just ‘be ok’ with the terrible things that happened to you.

That I am telling you to just accept all the shitty things people did to you.

That I am telling you to stop listening to your negative emotions, and just get over all your trauma.

You may be wondering about loving your inner child, and how this sounds like the opposite of that.

You are probably thinking that all of this runs directly in the opposite direction of all the other things you have heard me say in these videos - that your emotions are guidance for you, nothing to be ignored, but rather loved and accepted.

That your traumatized inner child needs love and acceptance. Acknowledgement.

Ok, hear me out. In this video I am going to make all of what I said about emotional mastery make total sense in the context of listening to and acknowledging your painful emotions.

It all goes together. Watch and find out how.