Why You Need Emotional Mastery Part One: You Are Programmed

By November 9, 2016Videos

In the beginning, you realize that you are not happy - or that you are not as happy as you could be. That you want something more out of this life. That there must be some other experience that you are not having that you want to have. You realize you are suffering, and you want to end that suffering.

So you take on self improvement/life improvement.

You do your best to re-arrange you life, your behaviours, your thoughts, to try to create a better life.

Then, after a few months or years of this, you realize something really isn’t working.

You start to notice that there is something holding you back from really changing. From really transforming. From really being happy.

You realize there seems to be this ceiling on your growth. You keep trying to change, trying to do things differently, trying to make life shift - but you always seem to wind up with similar experiences and outcomes.

You realize that you are stuck in negative emotional states more often than you would like to admit. Or you are running from negative emotional states more often than you would like to admit.

You realize all those negative behaviours and thoughts you are trying to stop, are actually your mechanisms for coping with/escaping from the negative emotions you hate so deeply.

This is your programming, and it is stopping your growth.

In this video I am going to explain to you why you do the same things over and over, why your programming happened, why it is so detrimental to your life and why changing it is KEY to your happiness.

This first understanding is what you need in order to move towards emotional mastery, which is the key to your freedom.

Have a listen and let me know what you think!



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