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Today I am sharing with you Part One of my Three Part series on Self Sabotage.

Most people have something in their lives that they repeatedly do that prevents them from being the person they want to be.

Whether this is over eating, drinking, smoking, falling into negative thought patterns, speaking negatively about yourself, repeatedly getting into relationships that are harmful or unhealthy - or if you do not immediately feel like you have anything in your life you are consciously doing to sabotage yourself, you may have unconscious ways of doing so like continually getting sick or repeatedly taking jobs or getting into situations that are first glance seem healthy and fine, but in hind sight you should have seen were not good for you.

So why do we do these things to ourselves? Why can't we stick with new, healthy habits and behaviours? Why do we harm ourselves and trip ourselves up? Why can't we just get healthy and happy and stay that way?

There are actually three very important elements that must be addressed when it comes to self sabotaging behaviours. These things are subtle, but if you really take a look at them it can becme much easier to transend self sabotage.

In Part One I talk about the first element of Self Sabotage - Comfort, familiarity, security and safety - and how these things play into your negative patterns.

What do you think? Does this resonate with you?



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