Why You Should Care About Stress: Part One

By February 25, 2015Videos

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In todays video, I start my series on why you should care about stress.

Most people - perhaps yourself included - have started to believe that stress is just a normal, every day part of life. Most of us believe that stress is just a fact of life.

There are also people - perhaps you - who believe that if they are not as 'busy' or as active as someone else, that they then cannot possible claim to be stressed.

You may think "Well look at so and so, they work two jobs, go to night school and are raising two kids on their own - they should be stressed, I have no reason to be stressed."

What I want to make clear in this video is that stress is all perception! It really does not matter what you life looks like, if you perceive that you are stressed, your body will respond with its stress response.

In this video I tell you exactly what is going on in your body when you perceive stress, so that you can better understand how it is not 'in your head' but is a real, live physical reaction.

Have a watch and see what you think:

In part two I am going to let you in on what symptoms may be cropping up for you if you are chronically stressed, and why these symptoms can sometimes send us on a wild goose chase of symptom tracking.



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