Why You Will Never “Get Rid Of’ Negative Beliefs

By September 29, 2017Videos

Hi Beaut!

Today let’s talk about the root cause of negative beliefs. Which may not be what you think, and what you think may be causing you a lot of pain.

Let’s talk about where they come from, so that you can develop a new relationship with them that is a lot less strenuous and arduous.

Let’s talk about why finding ‘positive beliefs’ to replace the negative ones is a step on the path, but not the final destination.

Today I want to explore why trying to get rid of your negative beliefs is silly, because it is an impossible task. I want to give you some relief and context for your journey if you have been diligently working to get rid of your negative beliefs - maybe for years or decades - and never having successfully done it. I want to give you permission to stop fighting with your negative beliefs, so that you can take a new approach that may actually lead you to feeling better.

Your negative beliefs are there to protect you - they are innocently born - so to fight them, is like fighting with your own immune system.

There is a transmutation ripe for the taking.

Let’s love those negative beliefs so we can see them for what they are.