Why You Will Never Heal Yourself (ie. Fix Something Broken) Only Integrate | R.T.F.L.W.E 48

By February 21, 2018Videos

Hi Light Beam!

Alright friends, today let’s dive deep into what ‘healing’ actually means.

What ‘integration’ actually means.

Why, if you truly understand yourself, what is happening within you and around you, why you are the way you are - you are going to come to see that nothing ever needs to be ‘fixed’ about you - because you are not broken.

We are going to finally pinpoint why all the ‘healing’ and ‘clearing’ work you have attempted to do on yourself never really ‘worked’ - why you have tried so many different modalities and ways of fixing yourself only to find that you still feel and act how you have always felt and acted.

Together we are going to see what is happening within you is that there are aspects of yourself that have been ignored, cut off from light (information) and rejected - and are thus acting in a less organized and more chaotic way than they would if they were ‘in the light’ - so to speak.

You are finally going to understand why there always seems to be two parts of yourself waring against one another - the part that wants to learn, grow and expand fighting with the part that wants to stay safe and comfortable. The part that wants the big experience and the part that shuts that shit down. The part that yearns for love and the part that hides in the shadows wanting no one and nothing to see or touch them.

We are going to dive deeply into the ‘shadow’ so that you can fully understand what these parts of yourself that seem so ‘negative’ actually are - so that you can move towards releasing resistance to them.

There is nothing wrong with you. Nothing wrong with any emotion, behaviour, self sabotaging anything or any other aspect of yourself you think is wrong.

You’re ready to transcend healing so that you can integrate.