Why Your Learning Trauma Makes Suffering Inescapable – How To Heal Your Learning Trauma

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Hello friends!

Before you watch this video, please go and watch Part One and Part Two Here 🙂 (there is no part three, sorry for that slip in the video!)

It is time to get really serious about why you are suffering in your life and how your learning trauma is the root cause of that suffering.

It is time to look deeply into the learning trauma that you are walking around with which you have developed over your lifetime that is causing you to stay stuck in misery, so that you can start to integrate this trauma and find life anew.

In todays video I am going to give you the actual tools you need to be able to learn from this life, to be able to enjoy the never ending journey that your life is meant to be, and to embrace the being that you are right now that is always going to be changing without having to make any of it wrong.

I am going to give you one simple mindset shift that if applied with earnest, will completely and radically shift your entire way of being. That will radically shift your experience of life, so that you can feel like you are living your dream life ALL the time - while you continue to learn, grow, change and move towards higher and higher version of your dream life.

This is all about creating higher order, structure and complexity in your being. This is what ‘awakening’ is. This is what ‘liberation’ is. This is what you want and this is what your learning trauma is preventing you from experiencing with clarity.

Let’s take all the esoteric awakening jargon and make it real and practical.

If you want joy, freedom, enlightenment, spiritual growth, happiness and peace - then you need to heal your learning trauma.

This is it.

Let’s dive in.


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