Why Your Life Will Suck If You Can’t Critically Think

By June 23, 2017Videos

Hi Friend.

Are you a kind of spiritual teaching/self improvement/personal growth junky?

Are you someone who has taken all the courses, who listens to all the videos, who goes to all the seminars, who reads all the books - but finds that you have difficulty APPLYING what you are learning to your life?

If you were to take a step back and take stock of your life, would you say that what you ‘know’ in your head and your heart, and how you are actually living your life, don’t exactly line up?

That you have heard all the spiritual teachings, you understand all the concepts, you see that life COULD be different, but at the end of the day, with all the learning you have done, your life hasn’t actually changed all that much? Your view of yourself hasn’t changed all that much? Your EXPERIENCE of life hasn’t really changed all that much?

Ie. You are not really all that much happier or more peaceful now having done all this spiritual stuff than you were before you did it.

If so, I am going to propose to you today, that you lack the ability to think critically. Right now, you are struggling with the principal of taking what you have learned, and applying that knowledge to your actual life.

This is not because you are stupid. This is not because you are unintelligent. In fact, you are most likely incredibly intelligent.

There is simply one level of fear/disconnect that you are most likely not aware of that is occurring within you, that is blocking you from taking what you know and actually living it out.

Today let’s explore this block together, so you can start to LIVE the stuff you KNOW.

You are ready.