Why Your Worst Habits Are Your Biggest Tools For Personal Growth

By April 8, 2016Videos

Here is the deal.

Common knowledge tells you that your bad habits - your self destructive behaviours, your neurosis, your struggles in life - are things you need to get over.

Are things you need to 'fix' about yourself. Are problems that are keeping you from living your right life, and thus you must learn how to STOP DOING them.

You are taught that these self destructive behaviours - whether they be thought patterns, behaviour patterns or a combination of the two - are the whole problem, and if you could just get rid of them you would be happy.

But, what if this is totally not true?

What if the habit itself is not the problem, but instead a DISTRACTION FROM the problem?

What if it is not your job to get rid of your bad habit, but to get UNDER your bad habit, so that you can see what is really going on with you?

What if your bad habit is really just a symptom of a foundational belief that is not true? And until you actually look at this foundational belief, you will continue to have the negative habit because that is what it is designed to do - distract you from your foundational belief.

Lets take a closer look at all this, and lets develop a tool for how you can use your worst habits - and the subsequent emotional feelings that go along with those habits - to help you grow as a person.

Let me know what you think!



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