You Are Running Programs You Think Are Reality:

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In case you missed it, you can watch last weeks video here:

Today, we are going to continue on from last weeks talk about enlightenment and why living an enlightenment lifestyle is so important.

We are going to be exploring why we aren’t already living an enlightenment lifestyle - our PROGRAMS and CONDITIONING that we are confusing with real reality.

We are going to be exploring WHY we are all programmed, why we don’t KNOW we are programmed, why we think we are living ‘truth’ even when it’s clearly causing chaos and destruction - and why we are disconnected from that which would alert us to the FACT that we are running a program - our feelings.

Most of us think that if we were running a program, we would know. It would be obvious. This is the biggest trap of programming.

It’s so deeply ‘obvious’ to your intellect that your perception of reality is true and right, and you have been so deeply disconnected from your sensory system that is trying to ALERT you to the fact that you are running a program - that you literally have no idea.

All your shame, guilt, inadequacy stories, all your scapegoats of ‘I will be happy when this happens or this is why I’m not happy’, all of your repetitive patterns of trying to ‘fix’ your life that seem to work for a period of time then you end up back in the same or worse pain than before, all your coping mechanisms - these are ALL rooted in PROGRAM.

Think about how much of your life may be a program, if the above is true.

The programs we have are all built around the current paradigm that humanity believes to be TRUE. We came upon these paradigms genuinely. If your particular self is evolved past the aggregate, this means the programs you were raised with don’t fit your expression - and thus you have a lot of pain trying to be ‘normal.’ But tryin NOT to be normal is also incredibly painful, because that means rejection and to your nervous system - death. This is why so many of us end up in dark spirals we can’t ever seem to get out of.

Today I want to share with you how to recognize your programs, and how to start to move beyond them. Next week we will take it even deeper.



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