You Can’t Hate Your Way To A Body (Or Life) You Love

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Today I want to share with you a conversation I had with my dear friend Rande of Free Spirit Academy, all around WHY you must learn to love/accept/embrace/have compassion for the body you have RIGHT NOW in order to move towards creating a body that genuinely feels good for you in this life.

Often times we have this idea that 'when I have the perfect body I will be happy.'

This thought can come from feeling pain and illness in your current body, or it can come from perceiving ascetic flaws and imperfections, and associating those things as being the reason you aren't able to have/live the life you want.

This thinking can be miles deep, filled with assumptions about yourself and life that are actually totally untrue.

Under all this body pain, there is usually a cavern of true pain, the pain of having been taught to live a life that doesn't actually serve you and your authentic growth, that you have NO IDEA isn't the only way to live, as it's all you've ever seen and know. This is why it's so common to 'scapegoat' our pain onto our bodies - they are something we perceive we can control, when the true pain we are feeling underneath is something we feel is so deeply OUT of our control.

Learning to accept your body as it is right now isn't just a means to finally feeling comfortable in your skin - it's about so much more than that.

It's about discovering your true worth and value in this world, and then it's about discovering the way of life that actually works for you - no matter how different that may be from the status quo. It's about ending the distraction of 'Ill be happy when my body is..." So that you can discover the TRUE roots of your pain, and the true roots of what will bring you pleasure.

This conversation can be applied to any and all areas of life where we are 'scapegoating' our happiness - our relationships - 'I'll be happy when I have the perfect partner/better relationship' - our work - 'I'll be happy when I finally have success in my career/discover my purpose' -  our location - 'I'll be happy when I finally find the place I 'belong'' - our money - 'I'll be happy when I have enough savings,' and so on and so forth.

Learning to accept where we are with love opens the door to seeing what we REALLY want, and what is REALLY causing us our pain. This is not to say that if you are unwell you are meant to 'be happy' even if you are sick for the rest of your life - in fact, the more you develop the capacity to have COMPASSION for your body where it is, the more you will discover that it will LEAD YOU to what it needs to heal rather than you need to figure it out on your own. This is about connecting to the wisdom that lies in the pain of your body (or anywhere else in your life) to discover the TRUE roots of that pain, and what to do about it.

Your body hurts for a reason, you don't like your body for a reason - there's nothing wrong with you that you were taught to hate and reject your pain. The truth simply is, your answers to freedom lie IN your pain, lie IN becoming a team with your body - your body is not against you. It is signaling to you that there are things that are out of alignment with you in your life that need to change.

Your body can and will heal. It can and will change. But not with you against it. It's on your side. Can you get on it's side?


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