You Don’t Exist. And Other Spiritual Bullshit About The Ego

By October 13, 2017Videos

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Now that you understand the breakdown of the inner child, the Ego and The Divine Self - how we are here to have an Ego that represents the fractal of the Ultimate Divine Self we are, and that this Ego can be played out as the immature inner child who feels traumatized and victimized by life or it can be brought into the light of love and grown into its more Divine expression we can move onto some deeper, juicer stuff.

This week, I want to dive into why the concept of ‘losing your Ego’ or ‘waking up to the idea that you don’t exist’ is not all some people are making it out to be.

There is a very pervasive spiritual teaching out there that is stating that ‘enlightenment’ is the realization that you, as an Ego do not exist - and some take it even farther by claiming that the reality is all an ‘illusion’ and that this is true understanding. To see yourself as nonexistent, and to see the reality as fake.

Now, of course there are seeds of truth in everything - but if you are hoping to one day ‘wake up’ to the idea that you don’t exist, and that until that moment happens you are still ‘living in Ego’ which is a bad thing - you are most likely going to be doing a lot of suffering in your life for nothing.

Today let’s explore why this concept of “I don’t exist and neither does anything else” is a STEP on the path, but not the whole kit and kabootle. Let’s look at why it may be really inviting for some people to own this idea of not existing, and what I see to be what is closer to actual ‘truth.’

Here’s a hint - you totally exist and the reality does too. Just not in the way we think. But being wrong about something does not make it nonexistent 😉



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