You Exist, Using Spirituality To Avoid Reality And Why Self Love Is Everything

Hello Loves!

If you have been following along the last few weeks, you have read all about why you as a self exists, why this path is about discovering yourself, and why this self love path IS the awakening path.

Today, I want to share with you a video I have made condensing these ideas, and exploring them in a slightly different way.

I hope this format serves to inspire your own thought and exploration.


In case you missed them you can read the blog series here:

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Part Two: Why Your Practices Need To Be About Becoming Yourself 

Part Three: Why WE Practice To Run From Ourselves 

All my love.


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  • Maria says:

    Hi Ali! Thank you for all your work!

    90% of your video feel super true to me and I can totally work with it!
    But it feels pretty bad to imagine my energy/my self being recycled into something else like soil or an animal. Do you mean only the physical body is recycled? This world looses a lot of magic to me if I imagine that I can’t take everything I’ve learned as my soul to a next life.

    All the best 🙂

    • perceptiontrainers says:

      Hi love! Of course, I haven’t passed away ever so I can’t give you a certain answer – just like no one can 🙂 What I can say is that based on observation, it does seem like ALL the stuff of the ‘earth’ is the same stuff – whether it’s put together as a rock or as a human body – it’s all one ‘substance’ as far as matter is concerned. It does appear that there are cycles here – but again it doesn’t appear that the ‘stuff’ of ‘earth’ is evolving so much as taking on different forms and shapes. Thus, it can take on any form here on the planet and be within it’s realm. Consciousness seems to be another matter altogether. To me, it appears that the AWARENESS that animates ‘you’ or ‘me’ is an evolution upon the awareness that animates a cat or a dog, a rock or a tree. And there is no evidence in nature that anything that HAS evolved, can DEVOLVE – it can only rot and start over. Thus, in my view of things I would not assume than any consciousness could go backwards. It also does not appear that anything can be ‘lost’ as energy cannot be created or destroyed – and EVERYTHING is simply a form of energy. That is how I see it, but again, something for you to think of deeply for yourself as I don’t think that anyone can give anyone else a satisfying answer to these questions.

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