Your Problem Is Your Entry To The Solution:

What you think is causing you pain, is actually what's alerting you to your pain.

Whatever you think is wrong with you, is your entry point into discovering what you need to create the life of your dreams.

Your anxiety, depression, binging, addictions, inability to ‘do what you are supposed to do’, you doing what you are ‘supposed to do’ but then constantly sabotaging yourself, having to numb or stimulate, and so on - these are all things you have been trained to believe are what is ‘wrong’ with you.

The things you believe that if you could just get these things under control, you would FINALLY be happy.

You have been trained to see these things as your problems. The root of your pain. The root of your suffering. The things that are getting in the way of you living the life you ‘should’ be living.

When the truth is the exact opposite.

These things you have been trained to hate, reject, feel bad about, that you have been trained to try to fix and change about yourself, that you have been trained to believe are what are holding you back from living you ‘best life’ - are actually trying to RESCUE you from the life you are living that is killing you.

THESE are your entry points into discovering the TRUTH about life, about yourself, finding God, finding your path, breaking yourself out of the matrix or whatever else you want to call it.

These parts of yourself are actually the best parts. These are the parts that are not allowing you to follow a path that is destructive to you. The parts that are trying to guide you to truth.

Thus, self love is radical. Accepting these parts will blow your world wide open. They will show you what’s real and what isn’t. They will set you free.

But you have to be ready for a whole paradigm shift.