Your Trauma Is LINEAGE Trauma – Your Habits Didn’t Start With YOU:

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There is a reason so many of the spiritual and self help techniques we all turn to to try to ‘fix’ our coping, self sabotage and scapegoating behaviors don’t work.

There’s a reason that so much of the spiritual and self help tools don’t actually help us FEEL better in our bodies. In our minds. In our emotions.

Why so much of what we do to try to fix our anxiety, depression, sadness, lack of motivation or purpose, to try to heal the parts of us that are deeply in pain - never even come close to healing us. Rather they give us new things to distract ourselves with or new weapons to use against ourselves.

The reason?

They are all ignoring the fact that your behaviors and emotions DIDN’T START WITH YOU.

They are adaptations you made and were TAUGHT to make long before you had cognitive of awareness of what you were doing and why you were doing it.

Today I want to dive deep into the idea of LINEAGE trauma, the kind that has been passed down from generation to generation. The kind that got wired into your NERVOUS system before you had logic and reason. The kind that is running your life that you blame on yourself - but isn’t your fault at all.

If we really want to heal, we have to acknowledge what didn’t start with us - the messes we have to clean up that we didn’t make.

If we keep blaming ourselves fully for our state, we will never understand the real reason we are how we are, nor will we have access to that which we need to actually change to feel better.

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