The Perception Diet is about you connecting with you. This unconventional and refreshing perspective on dieting is for everyone and anyone who has ever struggled with their self image, self esteem or self worth.

As we all know, generally speaking diets do not work.  Why is this?  Your body’s natural state is balanced, happy and healthy. If you are sick, tired, overweight, or are struggling with food then you are out of balance.  Diets are a band aid solution that never fully address the root causes to why so many struggle to find lasting health and wellness within their bodies. Diets don’t work because they treat the symptom of the problem without ever touching the cause.

The Perception Diet is a practical workbook designed to help you discover the root causes behind why your body is out of balance.  It is designed to guide you through your own mind, your own thought processes and the Foundational Beliefs you hold to help you discover what is holding you back from the body, and the life of your dreams.

We want to give you the tools to put yourself back in the drivers seat.  The exercises in this book are designed to give you your power back.  If you are ready to let go of dieting and move into healing, then this book is for you.

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  1. Hi Ali, I bought your book this week and tore through it, so excited for something that resonated so deeply. Thank you!

    I just did the exercise to properly identify a hunger and had a huge epiphany! I was extremely lonely as a child and turned to food to soothe. Growing up with a binge eating habit that I was ashamed of, I never let anyone TRUELY know me. The food is the only friend who has been with me in my dark times and has never rejected me. It’s the only ‘friend’ who knows me fully. I’m hungry for intimacy. But know that I’ve realized it, I’m horrified that I have no idea how to go about building that with my friends, and even my husband.

    I would be so grateful if you could recommend any resources or provide any guidance? Anything to get me started.

    Thanks so much again Ali for your incredible honesty, and the hard work you put into making these insights available to others. I’ll never be the same!

    • Hello Love! I am so glad that you are connecting in with you :) I would highly recommend first things first – just learning to sit and be with yourself. Intimacy starts with you. One of the most important steps I believe you can take, is to start to acknowledge who and what you are, and rather than telling yourself you must change or be different, practice accepting who and what you are, right here right now. If you do not feel comfortable expressing who and what you are with others yet, start a journal where you are honest with yourself about what you are thinking and feeling, and wanting to express, and then be kind and loving towards yourself for these things, rather than using them as ammo for what you must fix in yourself. Start to be with who you are, what you are, right here right now, and making you your number one safe space. <3

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