Ali Washington



Ali Washington is a Registered Nutritional Councillor, Yoga Instructor, Trained Life Coach and published author. Her single greatest commitment in this life, is to be a space holder for everyone who crosses her path to become the highest version of themselves that they wish to become. There is no right and there is no wrong way to live, there is only what does and what does not work for YOU. Your personal journey and your individuality deserves validation, love and respect. Stepping into your highest destiny is already a part of the plan, and Ali is simply here to share in that journey with you, to provide some insights that may make the ride feel nicer, and to be the finger pointing at the moon, until you can look all on your own.

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Marcus Morris

bamboo hut koh phangan thailand

Marcus Morris is a researcher at heart. He loves to spend his time reading and learning about how the world around him works. His second love is helping people.  Marcus got his formal education in the field of IT, and has put his skills to good use in creating this book. Through his own journey with anxiety and panic attacks, Marcus has learn just how important choosing your thoughts and foundational beliefs is to living a fulfilled and happy life. Marcus is thrilled to be a part of the movement towards a healthier relationship between body, mind and spirit and is excited for how this new passion will unfold for him as he supports others.