Monday Musings ~ What If It Was All About This Moment?

Hi Friend.

What if you allowed yourself to be all about the journey, rather than all about the destination?

What if you were to relax the idea that you needed to get somewhere, and were to allow yourself to simply be here?

What if you could find the peace, the joy, the happiness, the fulfillment and the contentment that you have always wanted, that you have always searched for, that you believed was ‘over there’ and ‘up ahead’ – right here right now?

What if the ONLY place you can find the peace, the joy, the happiness, the fulfillment and the contentment that you have always wanted is right here, right now?

What if the whole purpose of your journey, is to allow for each moment to be exactly what it is?

What if true joy, comes from the allowing?

What if true peace comes from the act of being fully present with what is happening right now?

What if the whole idea of ‘getting somewhere’ where you will finally be able to be happy, is totally and completely opposite to the truth?

Can you allow yourself in this moment, to simply consider the idea that happiness is right now.

That peace is right now.

That joy is right now.

That these states of bliss, that these states of alignment, that these moments of grace at all packed into you capacity to show up in whatever is right now.

Can you allow yourself to explore the idea that it has only ever been your rejection of the moment, that caused a moment to be painful? That in truth, it was never a circumstance or a situation that was making you feel any which way – only your resistance to or acceptance of that situation.

If you can allow yourself to understand that the joy is in the journey, that peace and love and alignment are all ONLY available in the NOW – then you will start to get a glimpse of freedom.

You will start to reveal to yourself the truth of this reality that we live in – that experience is the point.

You will start to understand that it is being in the moment that leads to your deepest understandings. And that through allowing yourself to understand, you find joy.

You will start to see that the whole game of this life is information collection. Is understanding. Is experiencing what we already know, so as to know it deeper.

And so to allow for each and every moment to be what it is, you step into a state of pure bliss – you step into a state of pure purpose fulfillment.

You start to see that your truest purpose is simply to walk through your life as it is, and to learn from all of it.

That when you are learning, you are in joy. When you are resisting, you are in pain.

What if this were the truth?

What if you could be happy in every moment, simply by allowing each moment to be what it is, in the sense that you are mining that moment for understanding?

Each moment is bringing you information. That is its purpose.

You will enjoy each moment that you allow to teach you. You will suffer through each moment that you judge as wrong and thus reject it’s teachings.

Life is as simple as that.