HOW To Become Your Own Safe Place

Hello Beautiful Friend!

Becoming our own safe place.

I speak about this being the kind of 'holy grail' of self love work often.
But, what does it actually MEAN to become your own safe place?

How is it actually DONE in a practical, step by step way?

If you've ever attempted to be your own safe place and found that you don't know what you're supposed to be doing, have found that doing what you think you're supposed to be doing doesn't actually 'work' to make you feel better, or if you're just generally confused about the process, how it's supposed to feel, what doing it right means and so on - then today's video is just for you.
Becoming your own safe place IS a 'HolyGrail' of sorts - but it is also a PROCESS and something we work on over time, with lots of different tools and techniques.
I want to share with you why this process is a PROCESS and a list of tools you can put in your tool box to start you down the road of learning how to make this a reality for yourself.
One step at a time. Slowly. Learning deeply new things about yourself.
The journey is the key

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