What would life be like, if you no longer stressed and obsessed about your body?

What if you could be happy, confident and satisfied in your own skin?

What if you could use your body as a tool to help guide you through life, instead of as an obstacle that holds you back?

What if there was a group of individuals all working towards the same goal that could be there to support you on your journey towards body love and acceptance?

I know how hard it can be to turn your negative thought patterns around. Even with the best 'self help' material on the planet, sometimes what you need is a little support and guidance from people who have been where you are.

I used to hate my body.


I know the feeling of waking up in the morning and dreading having to look at yourself in the mirror, having to choose and outfit that makes you feel half decent.  I know how feeling insecure in your skin can affect your confidence in your job, in your relationships, in your life in general.

I also know how hard it can be to change your negative thought patterns all by yourself. I used to pour over self help books, and often times I would come to the end of them feeling so disappointed that I had not gotten better. This was because I needed the love and guidance of others to help me get to the other side. Getting support changed my life.

I understand the struggle. I know that you want to feel good about yourself. I know that you want to be out in the world offering what you have to offer with love and pride. I know that you have something that no one else has, and that if you do not offer it, the world will miss out.

I want to help you learn to love your body, so that you can use it as a tool to help you be who you are meant to be in this world.


I have transformed my own relationship with my body, and now I work with people all over the world to help them do the same. I have been where you are, and I have walked in your shoes. I know it can feel like an impossible goal to love your body. I know it can feel like you are too disconnected, to far away, too far beyond help.

It is not true. You can and you will heal.


In the Perception Diet Tele-course you will learn the tools to help you turn your body shame into body love. You will learn how to listen too and receive guidance from your body. You will learn how to let go of negative thought patterns in exchange for new, positive, life affirming ones.

The course includes:

  • 7 Live webinars with Ali and Jennifer, going through each chapter of the book. Each week there will be a lecture portion, a demonstration of the exercise contained in the chapter, as well as a question and answer period.
  • Access to the private facebook group where you can connect with everyone else going through the course, as well as Jennifer and Ali.
  • A recording of each call that you can keep forever.
  • A copy of the Perception Diet if you do not already own one.

We will be running the next course starting Monday February 15th.

The price for the course is $200 Canadian Dollars.

We cannot wait to connect with you.

For inquiries, send an e-mail to [email protected]