Are You Stagnant? Or Are You Just Living A GOOD ENOUGH Life?

Our culture values one thing above all else - continual market expansion.

If we peel back all the layers of WHY our society is set up the way it is - this is pretty much what we get to at the core of everything we're seeing.

With this, we've all been deeply indoctrinated to believe that the human life can be boiled down to two things - what we're consuming and what we're producing.

Because so long as we're looking at ourselves through THIS very narrow, very specific lens, we can be constantly manipulated into giving more and more of our humanity to the system that is, again, set up to create maximum growth and therefore profit for those who are at the 'top' of our systems.

We are taught from the beginning of our lives that anything that gets in the WAY of our ability to consume or produce is a bad thing - our emotions, our needs, our desires, our relationships, our bodies - anything that interrupts our capacity to be in an ever expanding state of working or taking something in must be changed/altered/fixed.

Which leads us to a place where we CONSTANTLY feel like we aren't good enough. Where we are constantly feeling that we should be doing more, consuming more, working harder, achieving more, becoming more - whether that be in our work life, our relationships, our bodies, our spirituality - you name the life category and we will find the PRESSURE to be in a constant state of expansion and growth.

Which means that when we AREN'T in a state of obvious growth, we can tend to feel like we've stagnated. Like we may be moving backwards. Like we're not doing what we 'should' be doing. We can so easily feel like we must be off track, behind, missing something and again in this we're sold COUNTLESS things to help us 'get back on track' so we can DO/BE/CONSUME more.

THIS is what needs to be looked at because THIS is what's robbing us of living a GOOD human life.

The constant quest for more is great for corporations, but it's NOT great for LIVING BEINGS.

Today I want to help you question if you're REALLY experiencing 'stagnancy' in your life, if you're REALLY in need of a boost to help you 'get back on track' - or if you may just be living in a state of relative HEALTH that's seen as ill-health in our society.

It's possible that you're not actually stagnant, but rather that you're reclaiming your humanity and being told that this isn't ok.

Let's dive in and see if we can work our way towards the truth.


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