If Your Healing/Growth Practices Are All Stress And “Should” It’s Time To Question Them

Some of the most COMMON things I hear from people who are trying to fix/improve their lives is 'SHOULD' I be doing this or that?

Is this the 'right' thing to be doing?

I really 'should' or 'shouldn't' be doing/thinking/being this.

I feel like this would be a 'good' thing to do/be/not do/not be.

Oftentimes I hear people telling me about their meditations, their journalling, their disciplines of all kinds - and in those descriptions they describe a lot of pushing themselves, forcing, not liking the process at all, feeling like it's all hard and feeling really STRESSED about the whole thing - stressed about doing it, stressed about not doing it, stressed about doing it right and stressed about not doing it enough.

People often come to me asking for my opinion or direction on what I think they 'should' or 'shouldn't be doing - asking for what I think would be 'good' for them or if I think what they are doing is wrong - and my answer usually surprises them a little.

I ask them how they FEEL.

I ask them what their RESULTS are.

I ask them why they think they 'should' or 'shouldn't.'

Essentially, I ask them to connect to REALITY and see for themselves.

THIS is what I want to give to YOU today.

On this path of life, when we are trying to figure out what really works for us the key is actually to get OUT of the 'should' and 'shouldn't's to get OUT of stress mode and out of THEORY and into actual REALITY.

Let's look at this today, and see if we can help you get off the self improvement path that is all about confusion and hypotheticals, and onto the self love path where we do what we do because it serves a real purpose in actual reality.

If your practices are all stress and should's, it's time to make a shift - this is how you figure out what's truly right for you and what isn't.


The Truth?

You're good enough just as you are.

Finding a life that works for you isn't about 'becoming' something other than what you are.

Finding a life that works for you isn't about 'fixing' your body, emotions, mind or spirit.

It's about UNDERSTANDING your fundamental nature, so that you can SUPPORT yourself in growing.

You don't hurt in this life because you are broken - pain comes from not being understood, and not being given the tools you need to grow.

THAT is what this radical self love program is designed to help you do.

It's designed to help you figure out what you need to feel good, and it's about helping you navigate this reality so that you can GET those things.

You deserve to be seen in ALL that you are, so that you can be SUPPORTED.

Check out the link below for more information on the school and to see if it's the right fit for you.

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