Imperfect Self Love IS The Path Of Self Love

Hello Love!

I've never accomplished 'perfect' self love.

In the sense that I still have times in my life where I don't love myself. Where I don't show myself compassion. Where I don't sh!ow up with curiosity.

There are still areas of my being that I find it really difficult to love. That I still have resistance towards.

For a long time on my path, there were certain things about me that I absolutely COULDN'T love. Under any circumstances. No matter how much I wanted to, no matter how much I tried - it felt too dangerous, too scary, too impossible. I would have parts of myself that would SCREAM at me that if I loved this or that part that I'd be doomed to pain, misery and being alone forever.

And yet - even with all of this - this self love path has totally changed my life. It's totally changed how I show up for myself. It's totally changed what I KNOW about myself and therefore has given me the power to shift my life so that it's almost unrecognizable from when I first started.

This path has created the space so that the parts of myself that I couldn't love a few years ago, I now have softness towards. I've been able to prove to the parts of me that were blocking me from loving certain aspects that loving me DIDN'T lead to ultimate destruction, and over time they've allowed the love to come in.

I've discovered so much about myself, where I was hurting, why I was hurting, what I need and how to support myself - and in that again, I've totally changed my life.

Imperfectly. Doing this work fully and completely imperfectly.

Today I want to encourage you. I want to help you understand that ANY amount of you showing up for yourself counts. I want to help you see that self love is ALWAYS going to be imperfect, we're likely always going to have spaces where it's harder than others. Triggers that send us into spirals. Times where we forget and lapse into conditioning - and that ALL of this is totally OK!

Progress WILL be made, just by showing up exactly as you ARE with what you can DO right NOW.