It’s YOUR Body. You Get To Decide What You’re Going To Do With It

Remember friends - according to the current diet/wellness/healing/holistic/cleansing culture:

The only ‘legitimate’ reasons to eat are to build/feed muscle, to lose weight, to cleanse something, to heal something or because that food has some sort of magical property. Food is meant to be a source of changing how you look, or it's got to be something that can be ‘justified’ in some way because it’s good for you/healing you/imbued with some divine property/will cleanse you or purify you.

Your food also is a statement about your values, your social group, who you ARE as a PERSON.

OR food is a way of acting in rebellion. If you’re eating for any reason that isn’t to change your body/heal - then it MUST because you ‘don’t give a fuck’ and are flipping the bird to the diet industry. It’s all got to be a statement, it has to mean something. If you want to augment what you’re ingesting for any reason - how you’re feeling, the results you’re getting, or anything else - YOU’RE DIET CULTURE AND THAT’S BAD STOP THAT.

You can’t just eat.

The only legitimate reasons to move your body are to build muscle, burn fat, build strength, build endurance, cleanse out toxins, purge something, earn food, make up for food you ate, or otherwise again because doing so will heal or fix your body.

Your choice of movement and how it shapes your body, reflects your social status, who you are, what you believe in and what part of the socio-economic structure you currently occupy.

Choosing not to move again has to serve as some stand, some rebellion OR it has to be heavily justified for why you needed/earned rest.

You can’t just move to move.

You can’t just rest.

It's All External And That's Why It Feels So Terrible/Disconnected:

None of it makes room for just feeling good. 

None of it makes room for staying how you are. 

None of it makes room for comfort. 

None of it makes room for pleasure for pleasure's sake.

None of it makes room for changing based on the fact that something may TASTE good but doesn’t ultimately FEEL good in the body. 

None of it makes room for totally checking out of the system that says that how you look/what you eat has to be a major part of WHO YOU ARE. 


None of it makes any room for just living in a body as a functional tool for living life - the body is a means to an end not an end in and of itself. It doesn’t make room for the idea of food as simple nourishment to power your life, or the idea of food as anything BUT medicine. Or it swings so far in the other direction that it states we can’t attach ANY health moniker to food, and again it ALL has to be about pleasure and cravings and ‘intuition.’ 

There’s no middle ground. 

Ultimately, it’s all still externally focused.

None of it is teaching us to go within, tune into where WE are, what WE need, what serves our function, and to do that. None of it is about feeling. It’s all about looking. Stating. Becoming. What the world perceives and the message you’re sending.

The real reality is - there isn’t a good or bad, right or wrong way to eat or move. There isn’t even a good or bad, right or wrong way for each person. Rather, in reality, we all need different things at different times. There’s no golden standard. There’s no definition of ‘healthy’ or ‘balanced.’ All there REALLY is is the capacity to work with wherever we are in each moment.

The skill no one is teaching, is the skill of tuning into yourself to determine where you’re at, so you can use the tools of food and movement to serve YOU.

The Point Of You Isn't To Serve A Role:

You are not here to serve diet culture or anti-diet culture. You’re not here to fit a mold. The point of your body isn’t to make a statement. Your body is yours, and you get to decide what you want to do with it. Society can have all their rules and rituals, their tools and techniques - and if they SERVE YOU - great! If they serve you right NOW, great. If they don’t - let them go. If they served for a while then stopped, let them go. If something that’s serving you isn’t working for someone else - neither of you are wrong. If something you’re doing that ‘should be working’ to get this or that result ISN’T working - IT’S wrong. Not you. You didn’t fail the program. You didn’t not do well. There was some factor that made it so that the results promised weren’t the results delivered. There’s no shame in that. You’re not here to do a program right. If what’s being offered doesn’t serve you, it failed, not you.

The point of food and movement is to serve YOU.

What if THAT’S where we started from?

If in looking to get ‘strong’ instead of ‘skinny’, if looking to ‘eat intuitively’ instead of being a slave to diet culture, if looking for food as medicine, if looking for food as a cleansing modality, if looking to movement to change your body in some way to fit a new cultural standard of beauty, if not allowing yourself to be where you are and to let that be enough has left you feeling totally discombobulated - it’s not you. 

You’re not doing it wrong. 

If all of this has left you still feeling that food/your body aren’t something that you’re navigating from an INTERNAL system, but rather are another area of your life where you feel the judgement and hear the voices of all the opinions of what you ‘should’ be doing and what’s ‘right’ in your head all day long - it’s not you. 

You’re not doing it wrong. 

No one is teaching us how to actually connect to our bodies, how to be normal humans, how to navigate having a body. It’s all an external game of fitting into a box of a culture on some level. Doing it right. 

Being in the ‘in group’ - which is CONSTANTLY changing form for a REASON, big business doesn't’ actually care what’s being promoted as popular at any given time, as long as it’s a thing people are hooking onto that they can design products around, and then change again to make sure everyone stays feeling insecure and stuck being an endless consumer. Being accepted. Representing something. Remember this deeply the next time what’s ‘hot’ or ‘healthy’ changes. Which it will. It’s got nothing to do with health most of the time. Nothing to do with what’s ACTUALLY GOOD for human beings. It’s just a trend to make sure last month's stuff you bought is no longer in vogue, to make sure you feel like shit about yourself, so that you are primed to buy the new stuff. 

When you feel guilt about not being ‘x’ enough - remember, it’s marketing.

Not an actual flaw in you. 

Your health status has NOTHING to do with your worth or value. That’s a lie for the ages. That’s why it feels terrible. You don’t owe the world your health, you don’t owe the world an explanation for why you’re doing what you are with your body. Period. Full stop. You don’t have to live up to an expectation. Culture says we do - but it’s a lie.

It’s all around a projection and that’s why it all feels so tangled.

It’s so deeply social and that’s part of what makes it so confusing.

It's taking us away from our own centre, and away from the reality of living in a body.

Your Body, Your Life:

The reality is, we eat for a plethora of different reasons - none of them are right or wrong.

The reality is none of us are fully consistent with why and how we eat or move every single day all the time.

There are going to be times in life where we prioritize food as a method of changing our bodies/how we feel. There are going to be times when we use food to soothe. There are going to be times when we eat for pleasure. There are going to be times when food is medicine, when it’s a coping mechanism, when it’s a vehicle for connection. Times when we move to accomplish a fitness goal. When we want to change how we look. When we move to improve pain or fix an imbalance. When we do it just because it’s good for our brains and emotions. When we don’t do it because it’s good for our brains and emotions. When we don’t do it because we just can’t or don’t want to or can’t be bothered. When we’re too busy with other things. When food and movement and our health take a back burner to other things - passions, necessities, surviving. None of this is wrong. If we can step back and let food and movement be a complex number of things, let our bodies change with each season, and if we can start to allow ourselves to disentangle from what it means about us SOCIALLY to be/do anything, we may find that in THAT we find some freedom.

What if you just did what you did, and didn’t care so much about how it made you LOOK? 

What if you allowed for other parts of who you are to be your identity MORE than anything in the physical plane? 

Of course our bodies are ALWAYS going to be a part of our identities. And food is political. What we choose to put into our bodies, what we have access to, what we don’t have access to - all of these things are always going to be reflective of our status in society. That’s not something we’re going to change. BUT. We can work within that, we can loosen the grip that this has on us by choosing, in whatever small way we have available right now, to simply ask:

What do I FEEL like doing, if how I LOOKED didn’t matter?

If fitting into a GROUP didn’t matter? If ‘doing it right’ by someone's standard didn’t matter?

From THAT place - what would you genuinely want to pursue?

What disciplines would you still carry forward because they help YOU in some way?

What would you let go of?

What would you try?

What would you realize just isn’t a priority for you right now, and how could you let that be ok?

I don’t think it’s about extremes. Either being fully into trying to achieve an aesthetic/health status or throwing the baby out with the bathwater and denying yourself any connection to how things actually FEEL. You’re allowed to operate somewhere in between these things - validating BOTH realities. You’re allowed to not care at all because you have other things going on in your life. You’re allowed to check out of the system completely and just do whatever you want to do at any given time.

It’s your body. No one else gets to tell you what you should do with it.

THAT’S the main truth we have to accept if we want to be free.

It’s YOUR body. Everyone else, what they are choosing, is irrelevant.

This is your life. You get to decide how you’re going to live it.

In truth, It feels good to feel good. 

What feels good for each person at any given time is different.

Sometimes it feels good to say fuck it and just eat for taste pleasure.

Sometimes it feels good to eat for medicine.

Sometimes it feels good to move for the sake of it.

Sometimes it feels good to have a goal.

Sometimes it feels good to not care at all.

Mostly, it feels good to know that YOU get to CHOOSE what you want to do, and it feels good to know that no matter what the world may project onto you because of your choices, you don’t have to accept that projection.

You don’t have to fit in. You don’t have to be what culture expects you to be. You don’t have to measure up. You don’t have to be healthy. You’re allowed to pursue health. You don’t have to be fit. You’re allowed to pursue fitness.

It’s YOUR body. No one can tell you what you should do.

What if you did what felt good, without worrying about how it would make you look? Both physically and socially?

What if that?